A new submission from Rucha S. inspires me to bring back our 4-year-old boob products post.  Hers is added last, so enjoy the scroll!

Sent in by Jessica F. and found at Trend de la Creme. Boob hot water bottles:


Boob ice cubes:


A boob/rocket-shaped “stress toy”:


The boob glasses don’t even make sense:


Taylor S. sent us this picture of “boob stress relievers” sold at a flea market:


Pitseleh S. found these boob clogs at boinkology.  You can also get these clogs with piercings or tattoos.

In comments to another post, Tim pointed us to this ad:

Many, many more after the jump.

These desserts, sent in by Breck C., are for sale in Japan:


You open the flaps on that image to see this next one–get it? It’s like a bra!


They provide several different girls, I guess to suit various tastes. The one on the left here is apparently for those who like their boobs square-ish. The one on the right is presumably for those who like prefer their women to be bored/irritated.


Laura L. sent this one:

I found these here thanks to a hint from Stumblng Tumblr.



Boob blindfolds:

I stole the next set from Shakesville. Believe it or not, there are even more there.



Shower dispenser:

Boob pillows:

Also boob pillows:

Boob lamp:

Boob beanbag:

Indeed, a boob bong:

Breck C. sent in this image:


Over at Jezebel, they offered this photo essay of a tit-shaped milk “carton”:







Dmitriy T.M. sent in a boob scarf for sale at etsy.com.  Basiorana notes that:

The boob scarf is made by Heather Cushman-Dowdee, a lactation activist, as a way to bring awareness to the non-sexual nature of breasts. She wishes them to be used to distract people from mothers who are nursing in public, and to bring awareness to the ridiculousness of anti-breastfeeding laws. Unlike the rest of the items in [this] post, her scarves are explicitly NOT intended to be sexual, and her intended audience is fellow nursing activists who wish to desexualize breasts.

She has a couple comics explaining their intent on her website, mama-is.com

Finally, Rucha S. sent along these Boobzie’s, can cozies to keep your beer warm:

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