Mary T. sent in a photo she took of the cover of the Spanish (as in, from Spain) magazine Muy Interesante. It’s Not Safe for Work.

The text on the cover says, “Can we fall in love with an animal?” Notice the association between women of color and animals (is the animal we might fall in love with the leopard or her?), a very common theme. Black women in particular are often photographed either with animals (especially wild cats–tigers, leopards, etc.), posed in a cat-like stance making a snarling face, or in cheetah or other animal-print clothing. This ties in to beliefs that non-White women are often sexually aggressive “animals” in bed, unable to control their fierce sexuality (which could be both a turn-on and a threat, especially when it is connected to the idea that these women have large numbers of children with many men).

Thanks, Mary!

NOTE: A commenter says,

…it seems clear to me (based on the position of her hand and the text of the headline) that she is not being compared to the jaguar, the headline is asking if the bestiality being portrayed is possible or normal.

That may be true, but that doesn’t mean there’s not also an association between the woman and an animal going on. Among other things, bestiality is, according to research on sexual behaviors, more common among men; the decision to show a naked non-White woman in this pose, possibly having sex with an animal, is not a logical outcome of what we know about bestiality and who partakes in it but rather a choice to draw on various associations we make about sexuality and “savageness.”