This ad “liberates” women from the kitchen through technology and capitalism… but not, alas, through true partnerships with men. Women should spend less time cooking, but it’s still HER job.

Oh, also, the reason women haven’t achieved greatness in the United States is because she’s too busy to be bothered. It has absolutely nothing to do with sexism and institutional constraints.

Thanks to Julie C!

This ad, from the 1970s (I think), has the exact same message:  “For women with more exciting things to do than scrub floors: ‘One-step floor care.'”  Congratulations women, now you can scrub floors faster… but don’t think you can get out of scrubbing floors.

Found at Vintage Ads.

And this one, from the 1950s (I think) is extra creepy (found here).  Like the other ads, it replaces “women’s work” with a technological solution.  And that solution a gift from her husband.  The text:

The one gift that quietly ends garbage ‘trudgery’ — frees the little woman from disagreeable trips to the garbage can… She’ll thank you every time she uses it…