My friend Jason is giving a talk on the constitutional limits of video surveillance (thank goodness someone is) at the 2008 California Police Chiefs Association Conference. In case you’re still trying to convince your students that jobs are gendered, that there is an imperative to marry, that heteronormativity is in place, and that women are expected to conform to emphasized femininity… check this out:

The conference website has a page for “Spouse Events”. The spouse is implicitly a woman, and a rather girly one at that. The “gift set” (for which they “spare no expense”) is from “…Victoria’s Secret… [and includes an] engraved picture frame, lipstick case, spirits and sweets all in a tote.” A tote! Spouses also get “special outings,” “hospitality,” and a “whirlwind of memories.” She gets to choose from number of feminine pasttimes, including the spa, shopping, antiquing, and dance, or she can get a taste of what the big boys do (for “action adventure types” only).