These are Italian candies with chocolate inside. You can read a description of them here (scroll down the page quite a bit). I’m not sure what the point of the shiny dot on the forehead is.

Thanks to Denise H. for finding this image!

NEW! Kathleen T. sent in this photo she took in Segovia, Spain, of a popsicle that had a stereotypical Asian figure on it:


Notice that the “Asian” face is in the shape of a lemon; Kathleen suggested that the idea might be “lemon = yellow = Asian.”

NEW! (Mar. ’10): Anna went to a restaurant near Barcelona where she saw ice cream being served in containers shaped like people. One was of what she calls a “Bratz-doll like” woman with big lips, one was a kid with a backward baseball cap, and the third was this one:



Anna says the brand is made by Unilever; I don’t know if it’s the same brand as the popsicle posted above.