Virginia Rutter

Author of the column, Nice Work, appearing the last Monday of every month.

Virginia Rutter is Professor of Sociology at Framingham State University (MA) and member of the Board of the Council on Contemporary Families. Her books, articles, columns, and engagement of public sociology through CCF and Sociologists for Women in Society aim to do what she does as an award-winning teacher at FSU: to make accessible and clear the best available social science research on families, sexuality, and inequality. She is co-author or co-editor of Families as They Really Are 2nd edition, The Gender of Sexuality, and The Love Test, and writes and researches topics related to sexuality in more- and less-committed relationships; divorce; family policy; infidelity; inequality; and scholar activism. Her university honored her with Distinguished Faculty for Research and Scholarship award in 2016. She is Vice-President and Director of her local union chapter of the Mass State College Association (MTA/NEA). You can read her Girl w/ Pen columns at The Society Pages where she also edits Families as They Really Are and CCF@TSP.

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