In the wake of Angelina Jolie’s NYT op-ed about undergoing a preventive double mastectomy, many experts have weighed in — to critique, to analyze and to correct misconceptions.  I’m keeping this month’s column short to encourage readers to explore some well-researched analyses.  I’m particularly inspired by a past guest-author for this column, Gayle Sulik, Ph.D. (author of Pink Ribbon Blues and Research Associate, Department of Women’s Studies, University at Albany – State University of New York).  Sulik’s guest post for Scientific American is a must-read for those who have questions and concerns about what Jolie’s story may or may not mean for themselves and their loved ones.  If you prefer a podcast, then listen to KCRW’s interview with a panel of experts, including Dr. Sulik along with Alice Park (author of The Stem Cell Hope and health reporter for Time magazine), Joanna Rudnick (BRCA activist and documentary filmmaker), and Ellen Matloff, M.S., C.G.C. (Director of Cancer Genetic Counseling at Yale Cancer Center).

I leave you with this quote from Sulik:

…we all deserve quality information, evidence-based medicine, and access to comprehensive and coordinated health care that is free from conflicts of interest and the profit motives of commercial enterprises that are eager take advantage of our fears while selling us superficial “solutions” to our problems.