I am SO late to posting this today, but here goes.  Today is (still!) Equal Pay Day.  And this morning, the National Women’s Law Center released some new state-by-state data on the wage gap.  Seems we’re doing a little better here in New York (where women make 82% of what men do) than in my homestate of Illinois (where women make 73%).  But it’s all really quite pathetic.  I mean, this is 2009, for christsake!  Didn’t we all think we’d be a little further along by now?  I mean, seriously, if you want to talk about ways to stimulate the economy, how bout investing in women by paying us what we’re worth!  Jeesh.

For more blogging, raging, ranting, and informative discourse on the subject, go here. For some particularly great posts, check out the one at The REAL Deal, by Kyla Bender-Baird and the one over at Gloria Feldt’s blog.

If you’re like me, after getting all fired up about this issue, you’re gonna want to take action.  You can write to your Senators in support of the Paycheck Fairness Act, by clicking here.

(And thanks to the National Women’s Law Center — and in particular Robin Reed — for spearheading Blog for Equal Pay Day!)