Earlier this month, my colleagues at the National Council for Research on Women asked advocates and scholars working on issues affecting girls’ lives–along with girls themselves–to address the national conversation on girl’s needs, desires, and rights. What would they like to see changed? Some links to their responses, below.

Navigating Girlhood to Womanhood from New Moon’s Nancy Gruver

Twelve-year Old Calls for Better Educational Opportunities for Girls, by Hannah

Dear Arne Duncan—Not Everyone Learns the Same Way! by Sylvie, grade 5

Young Obama Campaign Worker Wants Equal Opportunities to Pursue Her Dreams, by Ashley, age 14

With New President, Young Girl Sees Chance for the End of Racism, by Nkem, age 10

Discrimination Can Happen “Anywhere, Anytime, to Anyone”, by the Girls Editorial Board of New Moon

See Dad, by Joe Kelly

Lyn Mikel Brown Counters the “Mean Girl” Onslaught with Strength-Based Programs

Allison Kimmich Advises Obama to Connect Policy to Parenting

GIRLS FORUM: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, by Courtney Macavinta, founder and CEO of Respect Rx

GIRLS FORUM: Kathy Cloninger–Developing Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character