Well, it’s happened.  My talented, hard-working, honest, amazing husband (qua extraordinary graphic designer / logo maker / brand consultant / Design Director) got laid off today.

I just got off the phone with him and am reeling, though I know we’ll get through this.  One door closes, another opens, blessings in disguise and all that.   But it’s pretty painful at the moment.

Here is Marco’s LinkedIn profile.  If ever you’ve wondered who designed the GWP masthead, the Writopia logo, or, yes, the Care logo, it was my Marco.

The darling boy with an BFA from Cooper Union and two and a half decades of work experience will now be looking for a job.  Leads on freelance?   Leads on staff positions as a Design Director or Creative Director at a branding or design firm here in NYC?  Need some branding yourself?   Whoever gets him next will be darn lucky to have him. He’s one of a kind.

Thank you for spreading the word!  (Feel free to email me directly if you like at deborah@girlwpen.com)