Do check out the latest forum at The REAL Deal (the blog of the Nat’l Council for Research on Women, where, full disclosure, I’m consulting!)  Kyla Bender-Baird took the lead on this one, and she’s pulled together a wonderful chorus of voices voicing hopes and dreams at this moment in history.  The posts comprising the forum include:

The Next Generation of Women Leaders Speak Out, by NCRW’s Kyla Bender-Baird

Big Dreams for Michelle Obama, by GWP’s own Courtney Martin

Turning from Fear to Hope in Politics and Leadership, by Julie Zeilinger, who lives in Pepper Pike, OH and is a sophomore at the Hawken School, and whose young woman’s feminist website, will launch in February, 2009.

Bringing Marginalized Women to the Forefront of Politics, by Jeanie Adkins, Development Associate, The Mautner Project

Safe to be Idealistic Again, by Jaime Holmes, Graduate Assistant, The Institute for Teaching and Research on Women at Towson

Moving towards New Leadership and Opening New Possibilities, by GWP’s own Gwendolyn Beetham

Looking Past the U.S. Borders in the Next Four Years, by Emily Falk, Senior Associate, Brand Management Marketing, Catalyst

Feel free to speak YOUR mind and be part of the forum by posting comments at the site.  And if you like what you see over there, link love much appreciated, of course!