The feminist blogosphere has been chewing over Gropegate these past few days (see the post with 364 comments over at Shakesville) and I just watched James Carville and some Republican strategist “analyze” the incident and the brouhaha on The Situation Room.  Carville, who I generally really like, acted like a total pig.  While the speechwriter apologized and Hillary accepted, Carville thought he had nothin to apologize for, he was just a 27-year old havin some fun, whohoo ye haw!  Amy Siskind, cofounder of The New Agenda, has a piece up today at The Daily Beast on it too.

I’m with Shakesville on this one, who asks “ why, pray tell, do so many people seem so compelled to make excuses for what is, at best, such puerile, obnoxious, and just plain disrespectful behavior?”

I mean, seriously?  Really boys?  Sigh.