Hey all, I am completely excited to announce that GWP will be going global with a new column from Gwen and Tonni called Global Exchange. Global Exchange will be appearing the last Wednesday of every month. Here’s an intro from the authors so you know what to expect. — Kristen

Hi everyone. Tonni and I wanted to introduce ourselves and our monthly segment, Global Exchange, which will normally appear every 4th Wednesday. Since we’re in the last days of the election, however, and this month we get an extra Wednesday, we’ve decided to hold off until next week, when we will offer an election special. We agree with Ruth Rosen and the folks over at the Center for New Words: there just hasn’t been enough focus on women in this year’s election. And, from our perspective, this is especially so when it comes to foreign policy. Both candidates talk about the war in Iraq – but how is it affecting women – both U.S. vets and Iraqi civilians? Both candidates talk about health care at home. But what are the candidates’ positions on the ‘Global Gag Rule’ – the policy that prevented thousands of women from accessing U.S. funded health programs worldwide? Senator Obama opposes CAFTA– what will this mean for women? So stay tuned… next week Global Exchange will bring you our assessment of how the foreign policy proposals of both candidates will affect women around the world.