Jane PlumberJoe Joe Joe. All we seem to be hearing about since Wednesday’s debate is Joe. Well, my colleague Linda Basch (Pres of the National Council for Research on Women) is leading us into a discussion of Jane the Plumber, cuz Jane’s got woes too. Specifically, Jane is worried about her retirement funds. As Linda notes,

So far, neither candidate seems to have woken up to the tough economic facts facing so many older women voters. Women represent 57 percent of all Social Security beneficiaries aged 62 and older and approximately 70 percent of beneficiaries aged 85 and older. Women who have been widowed, divorced, or never married are especially dependent on Social Security, which accounts for at least half the income of nearly three-fourths of non-married women aged 65 and older.

Read all about it in “What About Jane Plumber?” over at CNN.com . While I’m at it, I point you to this post by Cindy Hounsell (Pres of the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement), “Why Women Are Poor in Retirement,” too.