New & Noteworthy

A whole lot has been happening with TSP! Our founders and fearless leaders Douglas Hartmann and Chris Uggen received the 2023 Public Understanding of Sociology Award at the American Sociological Association Conference, Sarah Shannon and Diana Graizbord launched First Publics, and we have published new content on dating for older adults, adult bullying, and an “About Us” video on TSP.

Citings and Sightings

Flordia’s new education standards for the educational narrative about African American history have led to a number of responses from sociologists, including Caty Taborda who wrote a piece for WBUR – click here to read more.

Deborah Carr was featured in the New York Times’s piece on heat-related illnesses, and commented on older adults’ selection of retirement locations, with most prioritizing a low cost of living and proximity to family over migration to warmer climates.

Backstage with TSP

Summer is over (almost). TSP will be welcoming several new board members, producing more social media content on other platforms, and investing in new ideas and projects as the academic year starts. Happy Fall! (almost)

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