New and Noteworthy

Differing social norms make Helsinki playgrounds a site where ethnic segregation is (re)inforced among Finnish and immigrant mothers according to research from Paula Paajanen and colleagues.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Black gamers’ nostalgia and desire for representation, not their social conservatism, has them turning to the new Hogwarts legacy video game despite calls for a boycott suggests sociologist Steven Dashiell for The Conversation.

Citings and Sightings

Morality and ethics animate both sides of the porn debate according to Kelsy Burke speaking to The Los Angeles Time about her new book The Pornography Wars. (Read our coverage of Burke’s work on “pornography addiction” here).

Backstage with TSP

As we prepare to wrap up the semester, we’re making plans for our end-of-year celebration. We’ve received a wide variety of suggestions (laser tag or paintball, anyone?) While we’ll likely have a humble get together, we also know from sociological research the importance of rituals such as this for our individual and collective lives. We look forward to the chance to celebrate our hard work together (31 pieces published this academic year and more than a dozen zooming alone our pipeline!) before we scatter to the winds for the summer.

From the Archives

Yesterday the woman who falsely accused Emmett Till died. For context, read this archive piece from Aisha Upton on how Till’s death was not an isolated incident but, rather, representative of pervasive racial terror that did not go unopposed.

More from Our Partner & Community Pages

Book bans prevent students from discovering new ways of thinking and understanding the world, particularly in conservative states according to Alyssa Lyons‘ analysis of book ban data for partner Contexts’ blog.

Women who keep their last names or hyphenate when they get married are viewed as less committed according to recent research from Kristin Kelley that she wrote up for partner Council on Contemporary Families’ blog. (Read our own coverage of Kelley’s research here).

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