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Board member S Ericson wrote up recent research from Bart Bonikowski, Yuval Feinstein, and Sean Bock showing that in the 2016 presidential election both parties’ supporters held nationalist beliefs, however, the nature of these beliefs was partisan

From the Archives

Last week President Biden pardoned thousands of people federally convicted of marijuana possession. For context on this historic moment check out this archive piece from Katherine Beckett for partner Scholars Strategy Network on the “Futility and High Cost of Criminalizing Marijuana”

Alumni Spotlight

In honor of The Society Pages’ tenth anniversary in 2022 we’re highlighting the contributions and ongoing work of our superb alumni!

Allison Nobles, former graduate managing editor, shared this reflection of her time with TSP:

“TSP always felt like a little community within the larger sociology department. I genuinely wanted to get to our Friday board meetings early so I could catch up with everyone. Now, as I consider future career goals, I find myself coming back to my time at TSP — not only as a place where I refined many transferable skills, but even more so as an exemplar of what a workplace could be like. “

Allison Nobles is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. She studies how adults learn about sex. Allison is preparing for an “alt-ac” career outside of the academy.

More from our Partner and Community Pages

Mary Shi wrote for the Berkeley Journal of Sociology on Counterpoints, a project featuring cartography, essays, illustrations, poetry, and more from gentrification and resistance struggles across the San Francisco Bay Area, as public sociology.

Council on Contemporary Families’ blog reposted Chloe E. Bird’s write-up of their study that found that doubling the spending the National Institute of Health spends on research assessing women’s health would have a substantial return on investment.

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