Ritual Solidarity. Communitas. Collective Effevesence. Whatever sociological term you choose–and we’ve got a lot of them–it was on full display over the past few days at the annual sociology meetings in Denver, especially on Sunday night at the long anticipated TSP/Norton event.  I don’t know that Sunday’s was actually the “best ASA party ever,” but is the first time that any such words have been applied to any such event I’ve been associated with (though i suspect that a few of the folks who used such rhetoric may still have been a bit under the influence when they sent those emails).  Anyway, in addition to the sheer fun of hanging out, renewing old sociological friendships, and making new ones, the past few days provided a fabulous opportunity to celebrate all that we have accomplished in the past year and look ahead to more and more of our partnership with Norton and the indefatigable Karl Bakeman and his fabulous stable of colleagues. I’m going to try to write up a post to update everyone on all of our plans and projects for the coming year here shortly. But for the moment, this is just to say thank you to all of our friends and contributors–and keep it coming!  Our community of pages, family of contributors, and following of faithful readers. Since there is no good way to end a post like this, let me direct you to Andrew Linder’s reflections on the uses and abuses of the term “hipster,” a little commentary apropos of almost nothing except that it kind of grew out of the revelries and that captures the sensibilities that marked our event and help us all not take ourselves too seriously here at TSP: https://thesocietypages.org/thickculture/2012/08/21/away-from-a-sociology-of-hipsters/.