Killer Bee Invasion is a satirical series written by David A Banks and Britney Summit-Gil that explores the way news media outlets cover major events. Previous posts are: Part 1 and Part 2.

Exposed: Giant Bee Invasion Last Act Of Obama Administration

As President Trump was being inaugurated on January 20th, a black hole reportedly opened in the skies above Poughkeepsie, New York. Out poured hundreds of enormous bees, and news outlets report that hundreds have been killed.

But is the giant bee invasion the final act of the Obama administration, intended to sabotage President Trump on day one? Sources deep within the previous administration have told Infowars that there was strong evidence to support Obama’s involvement, including visits from prominent physicists, exobiologists, and bee experts shortly before Obama’s departure from the White House.

No solid evidence has yet been released proving that the so-called “killer” bees have actually killed any residents of Poughkeepsie, and it is possible that this is a manufactured crisis perpetuated by the mainstream media to distract the public from President Trump’s early successes. Meanwhile, left-wing extremists have tried to tie the appearance of the bees to Russian president Vladimir Putin and President Trump—a nonsense claim given that the bees reportedly appeared while Trump was being sworn in and was obviously busy, thus he could not have been involved.

This may also be part of a larger attempt to once again disarm the American people by citing civil unrest. Some believe that the bees are also part of a plot to enact widespread mind control through the giant bees’ venom.

For now, it seems that the real threat from these alien bees is not their ability to kill American citizens, but rather a distraction campaign and possible mind-control plot intended to further numb the public to the real dangers this country faces: a shadow government propped up by globalists who seek to end American sovereignty and create a One World Government.