An Internet Cafe in Cushing, Oklahoma
An Internet Cafe in Cushing, Oklahoma

We had so much fun and got so many good posts from our Cameras and Justice CFP that we’re doing it again. This time we are looking for submissions about what we are calling Small Town Internet. If the digital and the physical are enmeshed, then it stands to reason that the web someone experiences in rural Kentucky is different than the web in New York City.

As always, posts should be in the neighborhood (haha) of 1000 words and be clear and accessible to the informed reader. Please send us your essays, personal narratives, fiction, and summaries of original research about any of the following (and more):

  • Uber controversy without Uber,
  • trolls next door,
  • finding support and love from afar,
  • dial-up internet,
  • first on your block with a smartphone.

For submissions, questions, and proposals, email co-editors David Banks ( and Jenny Davis ( using the subject line “Small Town Internet.”

Remember that Cyborgology (for better or worse) is an all volunteer effort and we cannot pay for writing.