damn girl are you horse_ebooks because so many dudes got upset when they found out that you are a real human being

the Horse e-books fiasco suggests that we are more than ready to mistake bots for humans and vice versa

Why is it so much easier to blame Facebook than look at the misogyny & hatred it reflects?

the ipad pathetically asks: “Do you still think I’m pretty?”, shifting the gendered allusions into full culmination

by blending it with a more Victorian medium of calligraphy, the texts became more substantial in effect

people conceptualize the world into online and offline, which makes for a lot of very awkward experiences

an implicit assumption that any space characterized by digital media must somehow be less real than one that isn’t

Surface, however, is like the Gaga, Ke$ha, or perhaps even Miley of tablet computing

the consistency in online iterations of the travelers’ gaze

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