Using microchips, proud grandparents threaten to store thousands of images on portable show-and-tell miniscreens

The most important Google Glass experience is not the user experience – it’s the experience of everyone else

with Silicon Valley at the helm, our life will become one long California highway

Is a tweet labor? Is a Facebook post labor?

Drone makers have been courting the paparazzi

widespread bigotry and rape culture are just as big if not bigger barriers to a free and open Internet as over-zealous copyright laws and bandwidth caps

there is no good pre-internet metaphor for what it’s trying to do

sources confirmed that the president said “Go get ’em!” and quietly watched the drone fly off into the night sky

Drones permit and accelerate new topographies of warfare

The Auto-Tune or not Auto-Tune debate always seems to turn into a moralistic one, like somehow you have more integrity if you don’t use it

we might someday wonder why our childhood memories are held under DRM

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