for those of us whose bodies seem like a burden or an ontological prison, the Internet functions as a utopia of sorts

Vine’s six seconds feels like an eternity

These messages are intended specifically to shame and frighten women out of engaging online

I hear ‘clickclickclickclickclick’ all over the place…they are photographing me, and now I’m pissed. I felt like a zoo animal

Facebook is not *doing* anything to society

we don’t like seeing Apple bloggers imply Android’s success doesn’t count because what—poor people don’t count?

Why do we photograph the aftermath of misadventure?

Plato was right. The efficient and durable externalization of memory makes us personally indifferent to remembrance

by pretending that joining up all those disconnected dots is no big deal, Facebook is being dishonest and dumb

Teams of players are charged with taking out as many [surveillance] cameras as possible

make no mistake: Vine will be a big deal

poor people have little choice but to surrender their privacy in the name of social mobility

We’ll probably see a day when games aren’t defined by winstates

why not use a robot of Andy to dramatize his philosophy?

There is something about watching a missile vaporize a guy from the view of a close up camera

This is digital dualism, but it’s also determinism at work

It seems *normal* to them to walk into a bar with Google Glasses, even though everyone’s smirking at them

it appears no accident that expansion of personal debt occurred pari passu with technological development

MOOCs are an essentially authoritarian structure; a one-way process in which the student is a passive recipient

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