the Cyborgology school of digital criticism

A simple piece of software got us through the dark ages of computing

The Decelerator Helmet is an experimental approach for dealing with our fast moving society…a perception of the world in slow motion

War existed before social media, but not like this. This is a new thing

he’s the one who was violated. But he knows that won’t stop anyone from clicking “play” over and over again

A book is basically thousands of tweets printed out and stapled together between pieces of cardboard

does it even make sense to distinguish between the natural and technological sublime?

ideally, real human users will leave social networking altogether

Build a world where Facebook is obviously the inferior mode of communication and fast food just seems gross

Do we buy iPads b/c they change & improve our lives? Or because we need something we can believe improves our lives?

We’ve got enough stuff going on inside a race car. We don’t need to have cell phones in there, distracting us

document the moment, and then worry about passing it around later

biological storage would allow us to record anything and everything without reservation

Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services

terms ‘digital media’ & ‘new media’ do not capture very well the uniqueness of the ‘digital revolution’” [pdf]

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