What thrill does one imagination hold, after all, when we can program a bot to voice the imagination of everyone who’s ever uploaded their words onto the web?

What happened at Zuccotti Park was not wholly unlike what had happened a few months earlier on Delicious and Google Reader

What happens when, as a result of social media, vigilantism takes on a new form?

In event of power or Internet loss, just shout 140-character comments out window

There aren’t enough terms of service to manage all the publics and space in the world, or the people who live in them

When disaster strikes, make sure to bring your sandbags of skepticism to Twitter

Death is denied when a Facebook activist can never prove it

the [cyberspace] metaphor constrains, enables, and structures very distinct ways of imagining

a dualistic offline/online worldview can depoliticise and mask very real and uneven power relationships

sending photographers out to purposely shoot Instagrams is journalistic equivalent of stringing together an essay from a bunch of tweets

Internet meme costumes are a cool way to share a cool joke or a story

All of the clocks in lower Manhattan were stopped at 8:37

It’s through such combination of humans and bots that memes emerge

The conceptual leap from dogs to drones is shorter than you might think

Calling Iceland’s constitutional draft “crowdsourced” is wrong. As in, not right, factually inaccurate, and untrue

New Yorkers Have Found the Strength to Wait in Line for an iPad Mini

the internet’s like music. I don’t like working without it

The physical, dead tree “book” is the default; the “ebook” is the upstart Other that is defined by what it isn’t

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