I still want to be a cyborg

we’ll have a crack team of GIF artists cranking out instant animations of the best debate moments

And independent voters? The top term was “LOL,” short for laugh out loud

bad photos have found their apotheosis on social media, where everybody is a photographer

I am only as secure as the last time I was retweeted

everyone else seemed so natural in their tweeting. for me it was agony

the friction of the digital divide in academia requires only the slightest irritation to hit a rolling bubbling, um, boil

it’s strange to write a serious research proposal & have half of your bibliography be science fiction

“let’s stop shaming teenagers for exploring sexual imagery through the cell phone shutter, instead of our own lens of 1960s nostalgia

Pinterest is now jammed with inspirational quotes, some of which could have been lifted from fortune cookies

the hate-blog phenomenon is basically anti-fandom

low-tech objects that are the paraphernalia of hipster culture

the public assumes that what is printed or pressed or somehow physically produced is of better quality

the only way to not be used by the Internet is either to not use it, which is ridiculous, or to make something out of it

is Klout trying to smack a glossy veneer of Science™ onto social ranking?

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