The Scholars Strategy Network seeks to improve public policy and strengthen democracy by organizing scholars working in America’s colleges and universities, and connecting scholars and their research to policymakers, citizens associations, and the media.

SSN members spell out the implications of their research in ways that are broadly accessible. They engage in consultations with policymakers in Washington DC and state capitals. They make regular contributions to the media and share findings and ideas with journalists and bloggers. Many SSN scholars also work with advocates and civic organizations to address pressing public challenges at the national, state, and local levels.

SSN members believe that university scholars should share their work with fellow citizens—and they endeavor to further good public policymaking and responsive democratic government. Beyond these shared values, members hold a variety of views—and SSN as a whole does not endorse any political party, candidate, or specific policy position. Each SSN scholar takes individual responsibility for signed contributions and choices about civic engagement.

SSN scholars have been cited in the news media over 1,500 times in the past year, in venues including the New York Times, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, The Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Talking Points Memo, and The Society Pages.

Scholars—including graduate students—from all disciplines are welcome to join. Contact Elizabeth Ghedi-Erlich, Director of Member Relations, to learn more.