Archive: May 2010

Jesse’s back and ready to tell Arturo and Jon what they got wrong last week about Arizona and right-wing media in the U.S.

The episode concludes with a tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio and a live bootleg recording of the Dio classic Holy Diver performed by The Talcott Parsons Project in 2009. (That’s Jesse on vocals and Jon on guitar, by the way.)

\m/ DIO \m/

Episode #5…Go!

On tap this week is a discussion of anti-immigrant policy (well, policies) and public opinion, and Arturo offers a report on his extended voluntary exposure to Fox News.

In future episodes, we’d love to have guests sit in on the discussion! If this sounds like fun and you want to join in some time — or if you just want to give us feedback about how we’re doing — send us an email at

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