Tristan BridgesTristan Bridges is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. He received a B.A. in Sociology from Colorado College in 2003 and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University Virginia in 2011.  Tristan is also a book review editor at Men & Masculinities and currently serves on the editorial boards of both Gender & Society as well as Men & Masculinities.  He teaches courses on gender, masculinities, sexuality, family, as well as introductory courses in sociology.

Tristan has published research from several different ethnographies of different groups of men: from bodybuilders, to pro-feminist men, to anti-feminist fathers’ rights activists, to bar regulars.  His research has appeared in Gender & Society, Body & Society as well as other edited volumes and collections.  Broadly speaking, Tristan’s research addresses the flexibility of gender and sexuality and the persistence of insecurity among men alongside enduring and newly emerging systems of inequality.  He focuses on the ways that different groups of men understand gender and sexual inequality and how they navigate gender and sexual identities.

Presently, Tristan is collecting data and conducting fieldwork for a new project on the emergence and meanings of “man caves” in American couples’ households.  He addresses some of his initial ideas on his own blog dealing with issues of gender, sexuality and space—Inequality by (Interior) Design.   Finally, Tristan is in the process of co-editing a book with CJ Pascoe, (Re)Theorizing Masculinities.

Follow Tristan on Twitter: @tristanbphd