Adina Nack

Author of the column Bedside Manners which focuses on applying the sociological imagination to medical topics, with a special focus on sexual and reproductive health.

Adina Nack PhD, has been researching and writing about health, sexuality and stigma since 1994: starting as an outreach educator for Girls, Inc. of Orange County, CA and continuing through her doctoral work at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Author of the book Damaged Goods? Women Living with Incurable STDs, Nack has published articles and essays on topics including STD stigma, sex education, and HIV/AIDS. She has written for Ms. Magazine, her academic articles have been reprinted in over a dozen anthologies, and she has won awards for her research, teaching, activism, and public policy work.

As a medical sociologist, sex educator, and sexual health researcher, Nack has been seen and heard in MTV documentaries, CBS’s The Doctors, local and regional newspapers and magazines, and interviewed on a variety of radio programs, including NPR and FOX News Radio shows. She gives talks and workshops to a variety of audiences: e.g., college students, national academic associations, and national youth pastor conferences. Always focused on how academic research can inform real-life solutions to social problems, she addresses a range of topics: including how to have better sex in a world with STDs, the personal and public health implications of mixing morality with medicine, HPV vaccines, pop culture, and youth culture.

In the past, Nack has directed the University of Colorado’s Sexual Health Education Program, been a professor at the University of Maine, and served as a reviewer for top academic journals and the National Science Foundation. Currently she is a tenured Professor of Sociology at California Lutheran University, where she directed their Gender and Women’s Studies Program and currently serves as Director of their Center for Equality and Justice and Chair of the Sociology Department. Follow her on twitter @adinanack and visit her online at

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