Feminist Reflections was borne out of a discussion at the 2014 SWS Winter Meeting one year ago in Nashville. Gayle Sulik and Meika Loe invited Tristan Bridges to participate in a roundtable discussion on blogging and the lack of a digital feminist platform for public sociology. Amy Blackstone and Trina Smith were two of the attendees to this small group discussion, and over the hour our conversation took shape, we came up with the idea of collaborating and potentially working with The Society Pages (TSP).

Slide02 Pre-FRIt took 5 months to get our ideas together, set up a plan, come up with a blog name that reflected our mission, and work with the incredible team at TSP to transform our idea into a reality. All of a sudden Feminist Reflections was real.

Founders, Contributing Editors and Guest Authors

Kristen Barber, Contributing Editor, is a sociologist at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Amy Blackstone, Founder and Guest Author, is chair of the sociology department at the University of Maine.

Tristan Bridges, Founder, Contributing Editor and Co-Editorial Chair, is a sociologist at University of California at Santa Barbara.

Mindy Fried, Contributing Editor, is a sociologist and Co-Principal of Arbor Consulting Partners.

Meika Loe, Founder, is a sociologist and professor of women’s studies at Colgate University.

Trina Smith, Founder and Contributing Editor, is a sociologist and social worker.

Gayle Sulik, Founder and Guest Author, is a senior medical writer and founder of the Breast Cancer Consortium.

Many thanks to our additional Guest Authors, including:   

Ashley Baker, Melody Boyd, D’Lane Compton, Afshan Jafar, Michelle Janning, Mike Messner, Julie Shayne, Mimi Shippers, Tara Leigh Tober, Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Gail Wallace, Beverly Yuen.