Ron Anderson (Prof. Emeritus of sociology at the U. of Minnesota) is passionate about compassion, social well-being, and oh yes, technology.

Like a private eye, in this blog I use the lens of sociology to shed light on world problems. This world vision gives perspective to American society and the American character.

 istock_000005181840xsmall.jpgistock_000005181840xsmall.jpgEyes like visuals. You’ll see a lot of pictures, charts, and drawings in these posts.

Sometimes the posts will be comments on root causes of social problems. Other times they will be on consequences, and other times on social and personal actions that may help to fix the problem.
That’s where you, the reader, can help. We hope to get lots of comments on what can be done to solve a problem, not just discussion on whether or not a problem exists.

Topics to be addressed in the coming months include: abortion, aging, aid for developing countries, civic engagement, community service, crime, fear, forgiving, globalization, health, human rights, hunger, inequality, philanthropy, population control, poverty, religious beliefs, values, volunteering, and world opinion toward the United States.

As you can see the focus will be upon human and social well being. In the interest of alleviating the suffering of those who suffer the most, we will find comparative data whenever possible to help address the problems.

About the banner: The eye image in our banner was published by necromundo on flickr under a Creative Commons license.