The 2011 American Sociological Association Meetings are about to start this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As the conference gets underway, the volume of tweets containing the #ASA2011 hashtag is rising.

Using NodeXL, I collected a set of tweets with the #ASA2011 tag and mapped the connections among the people who tweeted that term.

ASA 2011 NodeXL SNA Twitter Map

These are the connections among the Twitter users who recently tweeted the word ASA2011 when queried on August 15, 2011, scaled by numbers of followers (with outliers thresholded). Connections created when users reply, mention or follow one another.


Layout using the “Group Layout” composed of tiled bounded regions. Clusters calculated by the Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm are also encoded by color.

A larger version of the image is here.

Betweenness Centrality is defined here.

Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm is defined here.

Top most between users:


Graph Metric: Value
Graph Type: Directed
Vertices: 114
Unique Edges: 793
Edges With Duplicates: 354
Total Edges: 1147
Self-Loops: 108
Connected Components: 6
Single-Vertex Connected Components: 4
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component: 108
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component: 1137
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter): 6
Average Geodesic Distance: 2.1878
Graph Density: 0.067225586
NodeXL Version:

More NodeXL network visualizations are here.

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NodeXL is developed by the Social Media Research Foundation – which is dedicated to open tools, open data, and open scholarship.

The book, Analyzing social media networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world, is available from Morgan Kaufmann and from Amazon.

Marc Smith (@marc_smith) is a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. Smith co-founded theĀ Social Media Research Foundation (, a non-profit devoted to open tools, data, and scholarship related to social media research.