By rbobbitt

 Abortion remains a hotly contested subject within society, and with the election looming high, the pro-choice/pro-life divide continues to provide a means of voting allocations. A recent study by the Guttmacher Institute (see article below), a nonprofit reproductive health research organization, brings a new dynamic into the abortion debate. The Institutes comprehensive examination of abortion reveals that during the past thirty years, abortion rates have dropped among teenage whites and risen among women of color in their 20’s and 30’s. This raises a question about not only who seeks abortions, but why. Patricia Hill Collin’s notion of “matrix of domination” becomes useful here, as we see that abortion is never simply a decision of wanting to be a parent or not. Instead, class, race, global location, sexuality, and age all compound the issue and affect choice. In such uncertain economic times, the affects of class and income most be taken into account as to why abortions are sought out.

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