Sociology Lens aims to offer a lively and informative venue for faculty, graduate students and the wider public to discuss current issues in sociology. The site is a companion to the online review journal, Sociology Compass.

All the posts are written by a select group of invited News Editors. Sociology Lens publishes posts in any and all of the following areas:

  • Sociology and Current Events, e.g. the role of sociology in public discourse and mainstream media, placing a contemporary issue in sociological context.
  • Discipline-specific news, e.g. changes in teaching curricula, textbook controversies, new sources of funding, job search issues, upcoming conferences, post-conference reports
  • Digital Sociology, e.g. reviews of new online collections, declassified documents, databases etc., or even an interview with the project’s founder.
  • Recent Publications – less formal than a review, a perspective on a new book or article and what it offers for your field.
  • Any other topics that the News Editors will develop over the coming time.

In each case the News Editor will comment on the issues at stake, reference the different schools of thought and, where possible, link to relevant news stories, websites, blog posts and further information.

Links will also be provided to relevant Sociology Compass articles where appropriate.

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