thumbDiscourse surrounding feminism, feminist theory, and even Women and Gender Studies departments has grown increasingly skeptical.  Questioning the need for feminism in this “post-feminist” world and citing the high attendance of women in universities, American society seems fixated on closing the door on calls for social justice based on gender.  Two recent new stories however, highlight the decisive need for a reinvigorated gender-based movement.  Gains in college attendance and females entering into all sectors of employment have overshadowed the continued pay gap (equal pay for equal work?), discrimination relating to maternity leave, and the clear lack of women in executive and leadership positions.  In this dangerous ideology, if a woman can’t make it, its her own fault.  Perhaps most disturbing is the story of a 15 year old girl gang raped in the alley behind her high school on Homecoming night for 2 1/2 hours.  Rape and sexual abuse of girls and women, date rape,and domestic violence  have not decreased  but rather been steadily increasing.  Is this what it means to live in  a post-feminist world?  We must renew our efforts at social justice, not simply for women but for all     marginalized groups, this is the unfinished task of feminism.


NY Times “The Mismeasure of Woman”


Square-eye CNN “Police: As many as 20 present at gang rape outside school dance”