Mobile_phone_evolutionby paulabowles

In order to read (and of course create) this post requires access to the internet, an option that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. However, for many of us, the internet – as well as mobile phones – has already become essential to modern living. Hamish McRae of The Independent raises the interesting topic of social etiquette, suggesting that although; we may be familiar with the technology we have yet to agree on the rules that should govern acceptable use.

McRae argues that because technology is constantly evolving, and we are constantly learning how to use the equipment, there is very little opportunity to really think about the way in which we should best incorporate this into human relationships. He also insists that until we resolve these questions, we will continue to work inefficiently, that is against the technology, rather than with it. Ultimately, it would seem that we need to decide the purpose of e-mails, texts and the like, rather than using the capability simply because it is available.

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Square-eyeScott W. Campbell and Yong Jin Park on the ‘Social Implications of Mobile Telephony: The Rise of Personal Communication Society’