gender: violence

Anti-gun control propaganda (found here) aimed at EVERYBODY.

What you might expect from the pro-gun lobby:

For kids!

Pro-gun feminism?

Guns are for fags:

Gun control is racist:

Bill F. sent in this one. What’s interesting about this image is the comment on masculinity–the implication is that “pacifist” men (whatever “pacifist” is taken to mean) aren’t “real” men because they can’t or won’t fulfill their role of protecting women. The gun becomes a replacement for sissified men.


Borrowed from Grad Student Madness.

Courtesy of and the SWS listserv.

These are pretty disturbing for a number of reasons. Maybe it is just my wish that they aren’t real, but I’ m skeptical about whether they really exist. They don’t appear to be photoshopped, but even though they’re linked all over the internet, I couldn’t find the actual place/s that sell them. And while I was searching around I found this mouse pad. Note that the size of the mini skirt is really very disturbingly small.

And I also found a lot of people who want to buy that pencil sharpener. And one person who thinks that this knife holder is “far more offensive” than the pencil sharpener.

What do you think? Oh, and the knife holder is available multiple places including here.

Dehumanizing women; women as toys, useful only for fucking; women as interchangeable:

By the way, on the back it says: “Isn’t that why women have more than one hole?”

Here it is in a pillowcase:

Different take, same message:

Trivialization of rape:

Glamorization of violent sex and the priviliging of men’s sexual pleasure:

Trivialization of relationship violence:

This last one says: “I like my women like my chicken, battered.”