Philip Cohen is a Sociology professor at University of Maryland, College Park.  He has a long-standing interest in the area of Gender, Family, and Social Change. In particular, he has published extensively on the gender division of labor within families, and between men and women outside of families.

In the area of Health in Social Context, Philip has recently done research on questions related to disability and family structure and relationships. This includes work published in Pediatrics on adopted children’s disability rates, and other research on the living arrangements of children with disabilities and their families.

Finally, most of Philip’s research concerns questions of Social and Economic Inequality, directly or indirectly. Through many publications and a grant (now completed) from the National Science Foundation, he has studied gender, race/ethnic and social class patterns and disparities in U.S. labor markets. Most of this research has concerned spatial and demographic patterns in inequality (such as the effects of racial/ethnic composition of labor markets). Some of his research in this area has extended internationally, including studies of gender inequality in China and comparative work on gender inequality in housework cross nationally.

You can follow Philip at his fabulous blog, Family Inequality and he tweets at @familyunequal.