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The cartoon character SpongeBob lives in a city at the bottom of the sea. It’s called Bikini Bottom.  So this “Bikini Bottom Groom and Go!” kit for kids three and over, sent in by Julia R… well, let’s just say that the picture is of a boy pretending to shave his face, but the words suggest a girl dreaming of someday presenting a whisker-free crotch to the sun.

Though it’s impossible that the meaning of the word “bikini” eluded the producers of SpongeBob Squarepants, it seems possible that how the word works in this context may have gone unnoticed. Then again, giving the new pressure for women to shave and trim their “bikini areas” (whether they intend to go to the beach or not), I wouldn’t be surprised to see this pressure aimed at young girls. Indeed, we already have.  See, for example, our post in which a mother teaches her young child to tolerate the pain of plucking eyebrows.

Discussion as to whether the photo might be faked prompted the anonymous photographer to send in the original.  After the jump:

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