Over the past few years, I have known a number of people who have gotten engaged, and I’ve noticed a clear trend: within days of getting engaged, many women go on diets, with the goal of fitting a particular dress size by the time of the wedding. We have posted ads for weight-loss products that reinforce the idea that women need to get their bodies under control by their wedding day. Of course, the diet industry tries to convince women (and men) to diet all the time, but there is particular urgency once a wedding is on the horizon, because of course, a wedding is a performance. Women are socialized to dream of their wedding day, and the point is not just to come together with family and friends to declare your commitment to another person. You are also putting on an event at which the bride is the star, and this event needs to provide beautiful photos of the bride and groom to memorialize their love and prove they had a lovely wedding. Dropping a dress size (or two) is presented as one way to ensure you’ll look stunning on your wedding day, and in the photos of it.

However, Kirsten E. and Laura K. sent in a trailer for a new TV show that takes this idea of the pre-wedding beauty regimen to a whole new level. In Bridalplasty, women compete…to win a full cosmetic-surgery makeover before their Big Day:


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