Tom Megginson, who blogs at Work that Matters, sent in a link to a story about a children’s t-shirt produced by X Games Clothing, a brand of ESPN Consumer Products. Here’s the shirt, which was for sale in Canada:

What drew attention to it is the text. Look at the 7th line down, which says, “‘Yo, let’s get ’em. Let’s drive-by egg these transvestites”:

A close-up:

There is a second reference to egging “trannys” in the text, and the last line of the paragraph is “That was fun shit.” [And yes, I know “tranny” is a term used in skating, but it’s also clearly not what is being described here.]

That’s a shirt for kids, in case you forgot. For children. The clothing chain Zellers has pulled the shirt in Canada after complaints and ESPN has apologized.

It’s a good example of the normalization of harassing gender non-conformity, how we socialize boys into non-compassion for others, and the association of disrespectful behavior with being hip. “Trannys” aren’t really people whose feelings matter, they’re jokes, targets for youthful pranks, whose harassment would make a funny story later…or hopefully sell a lot of shirts now.

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