Ash R. told us about the juice company Sambazon’s “Warrior Up” ad campaign. The idea is to highlight “individuals making positive change in the world” (the company itself gives money to rainforest conservation and sells some organic and fair-trade products). But the campaign is based on appropriation of Native cultures. The juice bottles contain a stylized image of a man wearing a headdress:

Consumers are invited to become part of Sambazon’s “tribe” and create their own headdress through a Facebook app. The site, including videos on it, contain a lot of images of feathered headdresses:

They were also a major theme at the Warrior Up launch party:

It’s another example of the ongoing pattern of appropriating and using elements of indigenous cultures as marketing. As Lisa points out, Native American-inspired imagery is really fashionable right now. While I applaud companies engaged in fair-trade practices, and that pay attention to sustainability issues related to production of their products, caricaturing indigenous groups and treating elements of their cultures as fun dress-up props maybe isn’t the most helpful way to go.

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