Kristina V. let us know about a diaper bag designed for dads to use. It’s called the Building the Foundation Diaper Bag, is built to look like a tool belt, says “Daddy’s little project” on the side, and comes with a changing pad that includes blueprints for a successful diaper change:

There’s also a Building the Foundation bib:

You can get a burping cloth and several other things as well.

It’s another example of masculinizing traditionally feminine products/activities, much like attempts to market beauty products to men (for instance, Blo-Job Bronzing Powder for men). And it connects masculinity to a type of technical knowledge and skills with tools that many of the men I know entirely lack and find rather intimidating, if not outright terrifying.

But it’s also clearly presenting men as competent parents who can care for children and who reap rewards from doing so. The “bill of materials” on the various blueprint products doesn’t include any jokes about asking mom for help; none of the images show men looking incapable of caring for children. It presents basic childcare activities — changing diapers, feeding and burping kids — not as horrible burdens you should try to weasel out of at all costs, but as part of the process of “building the foundation for a lifelong relationship,” the value of which is “priceless.”

And you know…I think that’s kinda awesome.

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