Ok, I get it. I really get it that “fashion” has to be “edgy” and so they sometimes “cross the line” in order to be “cutting edge.”  See all those quotation marks?  I get it.  I so obviously get it!

So when Vogue Italia decided to do a BP oil spill-themed fashion shoot, I was like “Yeah, of course! Like, that’s so, like, fashion!”  I mean, what better way to draw attention to tragedy and disaster?  I see nothing at all ironic about highlighting the destruction of working-class people’s livelihoods with obscenely expensive clothes designed primarily to enhance the status of elite fashion designers and the rich people who can wear them.

I also think that a great way to address the destruction of ecologies and death of thousands of animals by oil is to dramatize it with women substituting for the animals.   I love seeing women who appear to be dead or dying!  It makes me feel so beautiful and good about myself!  I mean, this fashion shoot says nothing if it doesn’t say “we care”:

The rest are after the jump, they’re very violent and could be triggering.

Thanks to Clare Y., Kraig H., and Dmitriy T.M. for sending these images in.  As much as I’m bored of seeing women appear to be beaten, sick, or dead in fashion spreads, it also really feels like we must hate them.  Why else?  Why else this constant glorification of their abuse?

Take a morbid tour, if you like, through this team t-shirt, the whole idea of the hate fuck, the America’s Next Top Model murder-themed photoshoot, the sexualizing of missing girls, the fear and suffering of women as a sexual turn on, Dead Girl, the movie, violent romantic comedies, the romanticization of stalking, dead and deadish ladies in fashion (here, here, and here), ads with women looking supremely uncomfortable, Asian bondage fantasies, Rihanna glamorizing being beaten (here and here), and more gulf oil spill examples (here and here).

Lisa Wade, PhD is a professor at Occidental College. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture, and a textbook about gender. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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