Talking Points Memo put together an image that shows what they call the Shadow Congress, that is, the 172 former members of the House of Representatives who now work for lobbyists in Washington. Here’s a screenshot of the entire map that indicates which states have the largest number of former lawmakers-turned-lobbyists (Texas is highest, with 17):


If you go to the website and click on a state, it gives you its list, including photos, party affiliation, term of office, and current employer. Overall, both parties are well represented, with Republicans only slightly outnumbering Democrats.

Glad to know there are job options after you leave government office.

I’m sure a person could make an argument that there is nothing inherently problematic about this. Feel free to do so in the comments — is there a convincing argument against viewing this as a particularly problematic form of influence peddling, which is the underlying assumption in the TPM article (and my immediate reaction)?

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