Tom at Change Marketing sent in this ad for condos in Calgary that was recently pulled after protests:


In Tom’s post on the ad, he says,

There was another ad in the series with the headline “A $20,000 down payment is easier than scoring on a four-minute 5 on 3. And way, way easier than scoring with your waitress.”

We’ve got the presentation of sex as a game, with men trying to “get on” women, references to slutty, “easy” women, and the idea that drunk women are attractive as potential sexual partners because they’re easier targets.

My professional sociological analysis: Gross.

UPDATE: Reader Sarah B. says,

It’s also noteworthy that the man’s head in the ad has been replaced by things. Perhaps these things are supposed to represent manliness? An iPhone, playing cards, a video game remote control, booze and sports paraphernalia. What’s even more interesting is that these branded objects are completely unrelated to purchasing a condo — what benefit did the advertiser receive by choosing those objects? Did they decide that booze and video games represent “homeyness” to men?

It is a great collection of items associated with a particular version of masculinity.

And jd adds,

Although the sexism is there, this ad seems to be an obvious nod to the wealth and social status of an elite (and, by necessity,) male category of individuals who could afford the “$20,000″ down payment.  The 25-year old and the scotch are both incidental status symbols of this man, who is represented by the things he can afford (iPhone, fine wine, golf, gambling/”high roller”).  It’s definitely sexist, but I think it’s more of an issue of classism and the assumptions that wealthy men have access to all of these things that is the real crux of this ad.  Dismantling those assumptions also includes not looking at women (esp. young women or the service professional from the other ad) as objects to be consumed.

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