YetAnotherGirl and Anna D. let us know about the new Mad Men Barbies; for $75 each you can get dolls representing several members of the cast (from The Consumerist):

Several critics have pointed out the way that the Joan Barbie differs from the character Joan (played by Christina Hendricks, image from People):

So here we have a Barbie that is not being produced for the mass market, and presumably not for girls to play with in the way they do other Barbies. I doubt the usual constraints on what a Barbie can be like apply–the need to fit existing Barbie accessories such as clothing, cars, and so on. I assume the target is collectors. Mattel deviated from the “normal” Barbie mold in terms of the faces, the color of the plastic, the hair, and the position of the hands. And yet the character still has to be significantly slenderized to meet the general Barbie ideal.

The Roger Sterling doll seems to be quite a bit more imposingly broad-shouldered that the character too, if you ask me. The dolls in general reinforce the idea that male bodies are significantly larger—taller, broader—than women’s bodies are.

The Mad Men fans out there will be sad to hear that no martini glass or cigarettes come with the dolls.

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