Maria B. and Heather both sent in the video for a new iPhone app created to publicize Amp, an energy drink (the brand is owned by Pepsi). In this app, called AMP UP Before You Score, you get to choose between 24 “types of ladies” (Rebound Girl, Sorority Girl, etc.). The app then gives you links to types of information you could supposedly use to impress–and thus have sex with–each type:

The app also includes a discussion board where men can brag about their sexual successes.

Women as sex objects? Check. Depiction of sex/relationships as a game where it’s acceptable for men to manipulate women so they can “score” with them? Check. Stupidity? Check.

According to a story at NPR,

On Tuesday, Pepsi sent out a tweet that said, “We apologize if it’s in bad taste & appreciate [your] feedback.”

Quite the apology, that.

As the commenter for the NPR story points out, though there has been a lot of complaints about the app, and despite their heartfelt appreciation of consumers’ feedback, PepsiCo is unlikely to pull it unless the controversy gets quite a bit worse as long as they calculate that the app is popular with the target audience–young heterosexual men–and doesn’t endanger consumption of other Pepsi products. They may even see the controversy as a benefit, if the company thinks it makes Amp seem hipper or edgier to young men as a result.

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