William M. sent in an image (from Science Blogs) that ran in the Stanford Review to publicize a competition for the “most beautiful conservative woman.”


The tone is joking the magazine, from what I understand, is humorous, (Nerfmobile says, “the Stanford Review is not humorous (except unintentionally).  It’s a student publication that strives to present a conservative perspective on the Stanford University campus”) but apparently it was a real competition. The poster at Science Blogs said it ran in the late 1990s, not recently a few years back (Erik L. points out it can’t have been too far back because it references Bush and terrorists).  She appears to be not just pretty, but wearing a nightgown with no bra as well.

Of course, liberal women have been used in a similar way, as in the Vietnam draft resistance poster that says “girls say yes to boys who say no” (and a commenter pointed out the case of Obama Girl as a more recent example). In each case, pretty and/or sexually available women are offered up as the face of a political viewpoint, presumably to entice heterosexual men to consider joining as well.

UPDATE: Reader Michelle says,

I don’t understand. That’s Laetitia Casta, a French model. Does she even know she is being used in this way?

But another reader says it isn’t. I have no idea.

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